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GSM Archetecture

“Before building any embedded project based on GSM/GPRS technology first question that comes to our mind is which GSM and GPS module we should use among different vendors. Selection of GSM module depend on points given below.”

If you are interested in implementing IoT projects below information may be quite useful for you.

1)Network selection:

As per your data transfer rate required for your application you should select GPRS, 2G, 3G or 4G.If your application needs to transfer and receive big files such as video you should go for 4G network.

2)Power consumption:

Your hardware should be capable to provide the maximum possible peak current to transmit and receive RF signals of your GSM module. Generally most GSM module demand for peak current up to 2 Amps in the low network area. If the power supply source does not provide the required current to the module gives an unexpected reset.

3)Network Protocols:

Before selecting any module check whether all protocol needed in your application is support in your module.e.g FTP, TCP, SMTP, HTTP etc.Do check if you are going to use one of them in future upgrading of your project. Nowadays, MPPT is also getting popular.

4)In-Built GPS:

Basically, most of the embedded application with GSM are vehicle tracking and data logging. so do check GSM module consist of in-built GPS. Check whether GPS is assisted or not, because if it is not assisted they will not give accurate location. we can also track location through the GSM network. GSM network can give nearby tower location, give error up to 300 metres in the worst case.


Below given are top companies that manufacture GSM/GPRS modules…

Purchase link:

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Above is may help you to select GSM/GPRS modules for your project. If you want help or more information regarding AT command or firmwares then comment below.

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